NAME John Michael Krzeminski
LOCATION Connecticut, USA

My name is John Krzeminski, and I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. It all started when I was very young, I would lay on the floor and just draw for hours and hours on large scrolls of paper. I would draw military battles, oceanographic scenes, dinosaurs (of course), and other various things I was interested in back then. I even made my own comic book series, which i still have today. My Mom, being somewhat of an artist herself, noticed that I (and my brother) had artistic talent, and found us private art lessons to attend. This is what began my over 9 years of attending private art lessons, and helped turn me into the artist I am today. I am skilled with all art mediums, and enjoy them all.

In my early teens I entered an art competition sponsored by The Institute for American Indian Studies, a museum and Indian history research facility in Connecticut. Out of over a thousand entries, my art was picked as a finalist and went on display in the museum and then toured the state, going to various museums and art shows. My teenage years also marked the beginning of my interest in website design and graphic art. I taught myself how to build websites, and how to use various computer art programs. I've built a number of personal websites over time. It's taken many years, but I am now proficient in many computer art programs, HTML, and various website design tools.